Today in the city Bayou La Batre 20.11.2017
10 things you need to know before European markets open

Good morning! Here's what you need to know. 1. Britain will submit its proposals on how to settle its financial obligations to the European Union before an EU Council meeting next month, Philip H...

A Little Shit Kid Of Two Inconsiderate Cunts Ruins Diners Restaurant Experience

This has to be one of the most annoying things of the last 30-40 years! Prior to that, young parents RARELY, if ever, took their children to a restaurant, and the reason other than money was simple!...

Baha Mar Offers Branson's Necker Cup Shelter From The Storm

Branson's popular Necker Cup adopt the Bahamas' Baha Mar as its temporary home after hurricane's Irma and Maria.

A giant hotel tower covered in plants was just named one of the most innovative real estate developments of 2017

The Oasia Hotel Downtown was just announced as a winner of Urban Land Institute's 2017-2018 Global Awards for Excellence. The tower won for its distinctive red facade, partially co...

Trump's "water bottle" moment

President Donald Trump has experienced his own "water bottle moment" during a televised address recapping his completed trip to Asia. His searching for some water to relieve a dry mouth has evoked me...

The Angle: Another Bad Judge Edition

Way to win: Black voters were key in electing Ralph Northam in Virginia last week. Jamelle Bouie looks at tactics used to encourage turnout and argues that the party would do well to take notes. 

Hollywood's "Actress & Actor Introduction Film" On What They Need To Know

Ha ha cunts! I love it that all those ignorant enemies of America, liberal messed up blow-hards from hollywood, have had to suck a gallon of old man jizz to get every role! baaaahahaha! fail! lose...

Lost Bayou Ramblers On World Cafe

Torchbearers of Cajun and Creole music, the Southern Louisiana band brings the sounds of crickets and frogs and the first-ever triangle solo to the show.

Joe Biden went on NBC's morning shows and teased a 2020 presidential run

Former Vice President Joe Biden made the rounds on Monday morning's news shows to promote his new book and tease a 2020 presidential run. Biden, 74, has been active behind the scenes on issues includi...

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